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DES - Online Annual Report 2008

My Annual Report

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My Annual Report

Tailor-made individual creations

Each of our shopping centers, thanks to its careful integration with the urban milieu, is specifically designed to suit its particular environment. Thus we take particular care to ensure that the makeup of the tenants adds to the richness of the inner city in specific ways. As integrated components, our centers play an active role in the city marketing campaign. The architecture of each property is individually customised to suit its surroundings through collaboration with distinguished architecture firms and in coordination with the responsible authorities. This takes place partly through integration of ultra-modern and futuristic elements, authentic facades or a combination of both. The interiors are designed with a striking air of gracefulness: Fine materials, a flawless climate control system and innovative water and light staging are designed to make the experience as pleasant as possible for visitors. Here we also place more and more emphasis on our little citizens, so many of our centers have their own play areas for children.

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