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DES - Online Annual Report 2008

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My Annual Report

Our top 10 tenants

With a 5.1% share, the Metro Group is our largest tenant. It is represented in our shopping centers by its selling brands Galeria Kaufhof, Media Markt, Real and Saturn. With a combined share of 4.6%, the Douglas group is next in line, with its perfumeries of the same name, Thalia bookstores, Christ jewellers, Appelrath-Cüpper fashion stores and Hussel confectioners. However, the fact that both groups account for only a relatively small proportion of our rental income demonstrates how diversified our tenant structure is. Altogether, our 10 largest tenants account for less than 25% of our rental income. Thus, there are no dependencies on individual tenants.

The 10 largest Tenants (Pie chart)

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